Coit Tower to Lombard Street

During our visit to San Fransisco, we walked from Coit Tower to Lombard Street. This is a blog about the two landmarks, which is located on its own hilltop.


Coit Tower. – Maria and Columbus pose in front.


Lombard Street the Crookedest Street in the world.

San Remo hotel

Start from our glorious San Remo Hotel with Royal Flush (see Maria’s blog). We did not drive in this great eye-catcher but walked -‘ a little ‘ exercise is good and increases the appetite.

On the way to Coit Tower. – Barbary Coast Trail marking on the sidewalk shows the way.

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On our way to Coit Tower.

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Coit Tower has very interesting murals. Our next visit to San Fransisco we must see more. Here are shown only a few.

View from Coit Tower. – Alcatraz can be seen – Golden Gate covered with fog (called “Karl the Fog“). – San Fransisco skyline.

On our way to Lombard Street. – Cable Car with people hanging on – Coit Tower in the back. – A steep road for this pedestrian – No Stopping any time.

Lombard street – Crookedest Street in the world?  A lot of people on the way up or down. – The street without a car and with cars. – On the top cars always waiting to drive down.

The exhausting walk up pays off with a magnificent view. 

Lombard Street - view from the top

Finally on top of Lombard Street – an even more magnificent view.




  1. Henry, these are great photos. But as an English teacher I want to say that the inscription at the beginning, on the Coit Tower is remarkable for its exquisite grammatical accuracy.


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