Happy New Year

Cox’s Happy New Year postHappy New Year post inspired me to do this. The pictures and story are from my childhood and young years.

In my childhood, we lived in the countryside. It was custom at New years eve for the kids to go around to the neighbors and make some fun with them. At that time we did not have any firecrackers so instead, we could make some noise i.e. scratch at the windows and try to find some of the neighbors’ garden tools and move to another place.

The best joke was to remove the dung barrow and hide it somewhere. A story that I have heard from my village Nyrup: Our neighbor Ejner Grøn wanted to teach these young people a lesson. He, therefore, smeared tar on the barrow’s handle – and, indeed, it was attempted to be abducted, but only a few meters, then the barrow had been left behind. What we were doing was rather innocent and in some places, we were invited inside and got some sweets or cakes.

My brother in law and I tried to lit and smoke a cigar in order to ignite some firecrackers. We did not have any experience smoking at all what can be seen in the pictures. On the first picture, my father is watching skeptically.

The time is just after my military service in Cyprus, I had brought a bottle of champagne. The bottle can be seen in the first picture. We did not have any experience regarding champagne. Later in the evening, we wanted to open the bottle and taste it. When we finally got the crock off it gushed out and only a little was left.

The two pictures are showing using matches to lit fireworks and firecrackers, which is difficult outside especially when it’s windy. Lars and I are using the cigar as it is easier than using matches. Photo 1:  In 1979 Maria is trying to ignite a firework with matches. Photo 2: Photo from the 1950s (Ole Hartvig Kristensen). The boys want to lit up the firecrackers with matches. (Very dangerous inside the house.)

These are so-called New Year cards (Glædelig Nytår – Happy New Year) used for those who had been late in writing Christmas cards. These cards were sent to my father in 1920s.

Happy New Year 4
Happy New Year

A special New Years card with a wish for the receiver to be blessed with good health and prosperity. Sufficient bank notes and not to worry about the rolling coins.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year from Maria & Henry, Engbjerg Denmark

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  1. Henry, I am thrilled that you say I inspired you – that is the best compliment!! Happy New Year, my friend, and let’s plan on many more!!
    (here’s some more champagne, since you got cheated on the other bottle! 🙂 )

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