Flyvergrave ved Jammerbugten


On our way to Frederikshavn, where we were to take the ferry Stena Line to Gothenburg, we made a stop at four cemeteries along Jammerbugten, with graves of airmen who crashed in Denmark during WW2.

As the Swedes say, Maria had to run or run “Varvet”, a half marathon around Gothenburg. Later that day, we were at Frederikshavn’s cemetery to visit the Commonwealth graves from WW2.

 Four American airmen were moved to Belgium in 1948, and no memorial was left at the cemetery. However, one of the American airmen, Robert J. Kenning, has a memorial stone close to where he crashed in 1944. We visited the place in 2020, and here on Memorial Day, we have inserted pictures from there.

På vores til Frederikshavn, hvorfra vi skulle med færgen Stena Line til Gøteborg, gjorde vi stop ved 4 kirkegårde langs Jammerbugten, hvor der er flyvergrave. Maria skulle løbe eller som svenskerne siger: Springe ”Varvet” en halvmaraton rundt i Gøteborg. Senere på dagen var vi på Frederikshavns kirkegård og se Commenwealth gravene fra WW2. Der mangler 4 amerikanske airmen som i 1948 blev flyttet til Belgien.  En af de amerikanske airmen Robert J. Kenning har en mindesten tæt på det sted, hvor han styrtede ned i 1944. Vi besøgte stedet i 2020 og her i anledning af Memorial Day har vi indsat billeder herfra.

Første stop var Hune kirkegård for at se H.J. Brocks gravsted.

On 27 February 1945 Beaufighter TFX NV414 crashed into the North Sea off Peterhead Scotland.
It had been hit by flak during an attack on German ships in the North Sea and tried to get back to Scotland.
The 2 crew members bailed out at Peterhead, the easternmost point of Scotland. F/O Brock drifted out over the sea where he drowned. On 4 July 1945, his body was found washed ashore on Rødhus Strand. On 6 July 1945 Vicar F. Busch officiated at the graveside ceremony in Hune. (Kilde:

På kirkegården var der også 3 sømænd fra Jyllandsslaget 1916 To Engelske sømænd og en Tysk sømand ligger her fredeligt side om side. R.C. Evenden var først ”Known onto God” men har næsten 100 år senere fået en gravsten med hans navn. (

Efter nogle km nåede vi Furreby Kirkegård, hvor der er 2 flyvergrave.
W.P. Hannigan was a member of the crew on Manchester I L7324 there 15 May 1941crashed into the North Sea. All of the crew perished. The plane left RAF Coningsby at 2200 hrs on a bombing raid targeting Berlin.
“S.O.S. 2300 hrs to effect that starboard engine had cut and the other was unstable when off Friesian Isles.
W.P. Hannigan was washed ashore near Løkken. He was buried at Furreby on 5 August 1941. (Kilde. Se også Søren Flensted (
The Australian Airman (RAAF)  “Known unto God” was buried on 13 February 1943 (Kilde:

“6 Blenheims from 21 Squadron and 6 from 57 Squadron took off at 08:00. Shortly after 11:00 the planes attacked Sola Airfield at Stavanger Norway and were met with heavy flak. During the attack the formation was attacked by Me110s and Bf109s. 4 Blenheims from 21 Squadron and 2 from 57 Squadron were shot down over the Skagerrak.
W/C Leslie Clive Bennett, 34, managed to escape with his plane in spite of considerable damage. At 11:45 Bennett had radio contact with another plane. He reported that the damage was so extensive that he would not be able to make it back to England and that he would try to ditch at sea. Kinloss kept radio contact with
W/C Bennett until 12:31. No trace of the plane and its crew has ever been found in spite of intensive search. On 28 September 1940 the body of W/C Bennett was found washed ashore at Lønstrup and he was buried shortly after in Lønstrup Churchyard.” 1 airman from BLE R3732 was buried in Lønstrup. 2 airmen have no known grave. (Kilde: ).

Memorial to W.R.F. Curry, Lieutenant in the English army, killed over the North Sea and drifted in on Kjærsgaard Beach 7 June 1945. 22 years old.
In gratitude for the liberation of Denmark residents of the parish erected this stone.
On the night before 12 April 1945, a Stirling was to drop weapons on a drop zone at Holmene west
of Fjerrritslev. The plane must have crashed into the sea. All onboard perished.
The body of pilot W.R.F. Curry was found on the beach just south of the mouth of Liver Stream in
the parish of Tornby on 7 June 1945. At the funeral in Tornby on 9 June 1945, vicar Aksel Jacobsen made a memorial speech in English to the then-unknown airman. He reminded the congregation that the airman was not unknown to God. (Kilde til Stirling IV PK228: and )

Den sidste kirkegård vi besøgte på turen var Frederikshavn hvor 62 commonwealth airmen are buried. Four American airmen were transferred to Belgium on 1 May, 1948.

One of the American airmen Robert J. Kenning has a memorial stone between Brøndum and Næsborg near the crash site. Maria and I visit the place in August 2020.

Erected by residents of the area 1955 (Source:

Danish tekst: Vi satte denne sten som røst ved alfar vej
at her er faldet en for Danmark – og for dig.

English text: We erected this memorial as a voice at the road
that here is a fallen airman for Denmark – and for you.

Other sources:  


  1. How wonderful that you and Maria honor those of other countries who fought so valiantly in a war so long ago. There will be a place in Heaven for you both.

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    • I am so honored to see your response to my post. Maria and I love to find these memorial sites in Denmark. Some of those who found the dead airmen in Denmark in their fields have done a great job in searching for the relatives of the dead. In some cases, it’s now the third generation who keeps in contact with the family members. One of them used to say: “We who experienced finding the remains of the airmen and their airplanes will never forget about it. They lost their lives so that we could live in a free country”

      Liked by 1 person

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